Vaccination without needles… a new, safer reality (with video).

Vaccination without needlesAny parent will testify that taking your child to the doctor, particularly to have shots, can be a traumatic experience to both, parent and child. That is because of the unique dynamic of having shots delivered via a needle. Under very few other circumstances in our children’s lives, they experience having their parents hold them while someone purposefully inflicts them pain.
Now, we all know why we do it (though I personally have many conflicts relating to it) and in some cases, we even attempt to explain that to our child, but particularly when they are younger, which is when most vaccination happens, all they understand is that it hurts, and mommy and daddy are accomplices to this evil person who is piercing them with a large needle and that it can make them feel very sick later. How confusing that breach of trust must seem to them.

Now, imagine a world where that dynamic doesn’t exist. Where needles are gone, and in their place what is used to deliver vaccinations is a cute ‘sticker like’ patch, which not only does the job painlessly, but also manages to do it using a fraction of the dosage, which is in itself inheritably safer than larger dosages and, surprisingly, much cheaper and more effective.

That is the beauty of the world presented by Mark Kendall and the new technology his company is testing. Watch the video below and marvel…
How would that change your doctor visits?

Author: Taty (Mom)

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