Homeschoolers Enrichment Coop for Ages 9-12 (2022-2023)

Dear friends,

I would like to organize an enrichment coop for kids 9-11, in NYC,  along with parents who are willing to commit to coming regularly. The idea is to get the kids working together, for us to learn from one another, and to create a community where the kids can feel safe and supported and learn together (with a good amount of hanging out afterward). Outside the coop time, If anyone is interested, we could also participate in other activities, like robotics competitions, writing groups, Odyssey of the mind, putting a play together, etc, all of which I have done before.

 Kids would meet for 2 hours, once a  week, between 11 and 1, and possibly stay to hang out and play after. (Day and location to be determined)
Each parent would be responsible for one class or activity a month. Parents would take turns teaching or organizing an activity for an hour, so 2 parents a week would run the activities. I am happy to help parents with any preparation, and parents can work together for the two hours, if there is one who can prepare materials, and the other to present it to the group, etc.

Some topics we could do together:

– Art projects
– Book club
– Chess or chess puzzles, Go, or another game
– Science Experiments
– Makers Project or carpentry ( building something together)
– Math challenges and games, logic puzzles
– Poetry tea time ( reading and writing poetry)
– Sports, dance, martial arts, athletics
– World Cultures (preferably from personal experience)
– World History
– Bringing special guests (friends who could teach something, or share experiences about a particular job, or life experience. For ex:  An artist, an investigator, a community organizer, someone who is differently-abled and wants to share that experience, friends from diverse cultures who want to share their experience moving here, or something they did as a community, a grandparent who could teach the kids to do something they did as a child, etc.

– Other ideas you might have

Once a month the kids would teach the class on topics that interest them.

During months with 5 weeks, the last week would be a field trip week to places such as:
– Museum trip with art projects with a focus on artist or art style.
– Nature or science trip with focus on exploration or specific topics
– Historic or cultural visit

There would be no cost to be part of the coop, but we would split the cost of materials we might need, tickets to museums, etc, and commitment is very important to make the group work. So, unless it is for health reasons, people would need to attend for at least 3 weeks of the month to continue in the group.
It is not a drop-off group. The community is as much for the parents as it is for the kids. Younger or older siblings are welcome to hang out with parents while the coop meets.

If you are seriously interested in being part of the group, please fill out the form below. We can meet in the summer to discuss a set plan.

Author: Taty (Mom)

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