The magic of PigPen

PigPen is a theatre group created by a few young freshman from the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama who started the company in 2008.

I saw them for the first time when the performed their show “The old man and the moon” at The New York International Fringe Festival, and it was pure magic and won the top honor for a play at the festival that year. Using puppets, shadow and live music they create a magical little world that resembles a sweet tale from a far away land, and we were all, adults and children, swept by the music and transported for a little over an hour to a world we didn’t want to leave.

Their music has the same power, to enchant, lull and transport as their plays, and though I hope you have a chance to watch them live someday, getting yourself or your child their music is in itself a treat.

The video below is from their cd Bremen.

Author: Taty (Mom)

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